Retirement Funds & RA (pre-tax)

With better health, comes longevity – most of us will live into our 90’s, and millennials over 100 years old. This means saving enough capital for you (and your younger spouse) to live on for 30-40 years after retirement.

We help you boost and accelerate your savings and retirement by:

  • Sparing you the BS – we disclose the real costs, actual performance and what to really expect, after deducting inflation
  • Giving you the tools to see how much you will retire on, and to decide on how much extra to fund it with
  • Reduce commission and fund expenses
  • Get you maximum tax deductibility, so that SARS helps pay for your retirement savings.
  • Diversifying your assets – putting some of your nest egg offshore, is  sensible

Contact us for a review and see how we can tweak your existing funds to perform better, and provide you with the tools to see exactly what your outcomes are going to be.