Medical aid – funding your health care

Medical aid & health insurance – funding your health care

Medical aid schemes and health insurance exist, because most of us cannot find R100,000 deposits and pay for the cost of private care in the event of an emergency or even routine procedures, out of pocket.

The challenge is to find which product suits your needs and pocket, understand the differences between medical aid and health insurance, and to make an informed choice.

We provide you with Needs Analysis, Comparisons and annual reviews to compare “apples with apples” . We help you choose, implement and support your health care funding today, and tomorrow.

Service – getting the benefits you pay for
Medical aid and health insurances are complex with many tricks up their sleeves. We offer you on-going support with

  • Benefits - what do you have for doctors, medicine, glasses, dental, etc
  • Chronic medications
  • Hospital admissions
  • Claims
  • Family - adding and removing spouses, partners, children

“Free” services included in your premiums

Your medical aid or insurance costs the same, whether or not you use an advisor – commission is built into the premium. 

When you appoint us as your broker, we are given access to information to assist you with claims, choosing the right plan, and all the other services above. 

This is funded by a medical aid commission already built into your premium of 3% of your premiums, capped (2018) at R90 per month.  This commission is used to pay for our time in helping you choose the right plan annually, and to assist you with claims and queries throughout the year.