Life and Disability cover

Life, Disablement and Dread Disease assurance

None of us likes to think about the possibility of death, disablement or suffering a dread disease such as cancer or a heart attack – yet it is 100% certain we all will.

Policies provide you and your family with the financial assurance that in such events, there will be tax-free money available to pay off:

  • Debt, such as your home mortgage bond, cars, credit cards
  • Funeral and repatriation expenses (you may be abroad ski-ing the Alps)
  • Education funds for your children’ school and university
  • Income replacement if you are unable to work
  • Capital for your spouse and family to live in, after you die or become disabled
  • Money to fund the extra care you will need in the event of cancer, heart attack or any other ‘dreaded diseases’ which is not covered by medical aid

Some employers provide minimum compulsory group life benefits – inevitably, too little. Others provide none, and none insure you against dread diseases like cancer.

Having a “financial plan” from a tied insurance agent is grasping at straws. Find out today how we can reduce your premiums, and extend your cover in areas you and your family need it most.

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