Home & Car insurance


Our homes and cars are our most prized assets, and often our biggest financial liabilities; we owe banks for them, and in the event of an accident, could be liable to third parties to the tune of millions of rands.

We offer a free rebroke and annual review across multiple insurers, to ensure you get the most comprehensive cover for what matters most to you, at the lowest price:

  • Realistic cover for the market value of vehicles, and replacement value of home & contents
  • Affordable premiums with reduced commission and value-added services such as car rental
  • Optional advanced “accident and emergency” detection
  • Trackers and asset recovery retirement savings.
  • Rewards programs including Cash back on petrol and good driving

Contact us for a review of your assets (and liabilities), and we’ll help you review what is worth insuring, at what premium.

Discovery and Momentum clients: benefit from integration discounts with lower premiums, and cash back.