HOLD Consulting

Since our formation in 1999, we’ve combined the personal touch of integrity and compassion with applied actuarial techniques that deliver “financial wellness” to clients, big and small. Our passion for health and wealth care is personal – we know each and every client.

Corporate clients benefit from fee based Service Level Agreements which remove the perverse incentive for intermediaries to sell the highest priced products, allowing split risk groups to avoid market share strife between competing vendors while alleviating HR, Compensation and Benefits from much of the burden of administration, education and quality assurance.

Individual clients benefit from economies of scale, enjoying the same level of corporate expertise and attention usually reserved only for the wealthy, “high net worth” clients. Every client is a VIP in our ethos.

More than just another broker, HOLD Consulting is positioned as Benefit and Financial Wellness managers, applying actuarial techniques, expertise and custom service channels to leverage value from financial products and services to clients and organizations, big and small. We employ no sales staff, with each employee dedicated to guiding clients on making the most of their benefits, investments and insurance. Authorized by the Financial Services Board as FSP 8297 and the regulatory Council for Medical Schemes as ORG 1958 respectively, our main focus is on health and employee benefits, as well as related aspects of compensation. 


Our philosophy is simple - reduce costs, maximise benefit yield, minimise tax – honestly, transparently and professionally on a sustainable win-win basis for client and product vendor. Every one of our clients, from CEO to ‘unskilled’ labourer, is entitled to advice based on analysis of their needs and budget, and to the full benefit of what they pay for their products and funds: we render platinum service levels to individual as well as corporate clients.

Extended care services to corporates require additional fees, and we prefer to avoid commissions on retirement and investment products.

Transformation and CSI

As a Qualifying Small Enterprise with turnover between R6 – R35 million pa, our approach is to transfer skill and knowledge to our own people, and clients. In terms of management control, our top manager of client site services is a black female, who’s been with us since our formation in 1999 and continues to be groomed to acquire ownership alongside other management. We encourage diversity, providing equal opportunities to women, minority and all groups to accomplish real transformation from within. HOLD Consulting does not ‘front’ and is competency and skill driven rather than by quotas or box ticking: ability, knowledge and skill are core values alongside integrity and social good.

Our approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) similarly is to contribute more than 1% of NPAT to Socio-economic development aligned with alleviating hardship (children, disabled, pensioners), as well as environmental awareness, including SA initiatives in Gauteng and the Cape. A percentage of our remuneration from clients is dedicated to local socio-economic development, investing back into the communities who support us. All life is precious, with our focus on preserving and growing the quality of life and wealth for all, over generations of human lifecycles

About Medical Aid

South Africans are routinely denied Prescribed Minimum and other benefits available under every medical scheme option, confused by empty promises of ‘hospital cash back plans’.  “Try our PMB lookup to see what you’re missing.


GAP Cover

One of the amazing misrepresentations of medical schemes in South Africa is they cover “100%” of major medical expenses, whereas most families find they have unexpected amounts they have to fork out at child birth, surgery, even gastroscopies, MRI-CT scans or motor vehicle accidents. Quality top up cover for different needs, are priced in a range from R130 – R225 per family per month.

Investment and Savings

Using tax breaks, reducing costs and increasing returns are all key to providing for the eventuality that all will retire, change jobs, become disabled and, ultimately, die. Personal and corporate optimisation shows you how to get more for less.


Wellness & Rewards

Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply are well-known loyalty programs which, in return for an additional premium (R169 – R225 pm), use group buying power to leverage discounts at chains of providers. From gym partners, supermarkets to leisure and travel, some offer “health dividends”. yet remain at heart affinity loyalty rewards.